About the Quincy Shipyard Carport Project

The Quincy Shipyard was an early adopter of behind-the-meter roof-mounted solar, installing solar panels on two commercial buildings.  These arrays have successfully reduced electricity costs across the property.  Now the Shipyard is looking at installing a solar carport to use space effectively and maximize onsite clean energy.  A solar carport or canopy would be built above parking spaces, utilizing what would otherwise be dead space.  The Shipyard Carport is planned as a 250 kW array covering the deck of a new parking structure.  Parked vehicles will remain cool in the shade, while the solar panels above produce power from renewable energy.  The second photo is a plan for a solar carport above railroad tracks at the Shipyard.   Additionally, an EV charging station located in the parking structure will be available to employees and visitors needing a charge.