Patriot Team

The Patriot Renewables team has many years of combined managerial and technical experience in energy, project development, and construction. We share a collective mission to work on projects that contribute to a more sustainable, energy independent future.

Jay M. Cashman
Jay Cashman is the active owner of Patriot Renewables. Jay participates in all major investment decisions for projects that Patriot develops, owns, constructs, and/or operates. You can find out more about Jay's additional work and companies at Jay Cashman, Inc.

Todd Presson
Chief Executive Officer
Todd is responsible for overseeing renewable energy development at Patriot. He has been in the energy business for 20 years and has been actively involved in wind power development since 2001, when he began development efforts for the 30 MW Hoosac Wind Project in western Massachusetts. Prior to his involvement in wind power development, Todd managed investments in renewable energy and energy conservation projects for Mountain Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of Green Mountain Power.

Andrew Goldberg
President and Chief Financial Officer
Andrew is responsible for strategy and finance activities at Patriot Renewables, specializing in transaction structure, tax benefits, sourcing, financing, and procuring and negotiating power purchase agreements. He has over 15 years of experience in finance. Prior to his involvement in renewable energy, Andrew was involved in the financial operations of a real estate investment firm with more than $10 billion in assets under management throughout 120 funds consisting of 1,500 properties. In addition, Andrew has structured over 75 transactions with total development costs exceeding $1 billion.

Rebecca Howard
Assistant Director of Government and Community Affairs
Rebecca is involved in all aspects of Patriot’s community outreach efforts to fulfill Patriot Renewables’ outreach visions and goals. Rebecca communicates with residents of the community to deliver information regarding our projects. She is also responsible for coordinating tours, classroom visits, planning events, as well as connecting Patriot with local organizations and institutions. Rebecca is a resident of Dixfield, Maine and has an extensive background in education, graduating from University of Maine at Augusta with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Health.

Lindsay Galbraith
Senior Asset Manager
Lindsay is responsible for asset management of Patriot’s operating wind projects as well as contract management, including contracts with engineering companies, landowners, turbine vendors, environmental consultants, and permitting specialists. She monitors maintenance tasks, reviews project expenses and performance, manages our day-to-day activities, and generally keeps the team on track and organized. In addition, Lindsay assists with development activities as needed, including GIS mapping, meteorological analysis, outreach efforts, and document review.

Diamond Varnum
Maintenance Technician
Diamond performs all plant maintenance at Patriot's wind sites. He maintains and repairs all site vehicles, keeps buildings clean and safety compliant, maintains site roadways, and ensures adherence to our storm-water maintenance plans. In addition, he is always willing to lend a hand where needed, from tensioning anchor bolts on the turbines to training employees to operate equipment. Diamond has a wide variety of job experiences, including car racing, construction, wood mill work, and farming, which makes him a valuable asset to the Patriot team.

Susan Owens
Wind Operations Analyst
Susan works with wind turbine operation and performance data to quantify production and investigate performance issues. She also orders and inventories parts, updates site logs, reports outages to the grid, assists with site maintenance planning, and works on special projects as needs arise. She has completed a GE non-ESS turbine class at the Danish Wind Power Academy as well as a Tower Rescue Training course so that she can assist turbine technicians in the field. Prior to joining the Patriot team, she worked for sixteen years as a high school mathematics teacher.

Michael Dionne
Operations Analyst
Mike analyzes our energy performance data and specializes in database management. He is responsible for generating production performance reviews, data warehousing, updating maintenance logs, performing photo and thermography surveys, writing RFPs, and reviewing environmental permitting reports for Patriot. Mike’s substantial data analysis experience was acquired from collecting and analyzing data for over 15 years as a wildlife biologist before joining the team here at Patriot.

Otis Smith
Wind Technician
Otis assists with wind turbine maintenance and repair at Beaver Ridge Wind and is also involved in building, property and vehicle maintenance at all of Patriot’s Maine sites.  He has a wide range of skills and experience, including welding, carpentry, heavy equipment operation, boiler maintenance, and electrical work.  A native of Carthage, Maine, his work ethic, knowledge and problem-solving skills are essential to all aspects of Patriot Renewables’ Maine operations.